Extreme costuming skills

February 4, 2014

Think what you like about furries, but I’ve got to give major props to every fursuiter I see because it takes mad costuming skills to create even a partial suit. I once saw an absolutely amazing Targ suit that could go down on all fours. (EDIT: Found a link to the build of said suit! Look at all the work that went into it!!) I’ve also seen suits with animatronic wings or eyes, working jaws with full sets of taxidermy-quality jaws, and tails that swish when they walk. Those are costuming skills up there with the people who make full suits of Space Marine armor.

I try to chat with anyone in a great costume whenever I see them at a con so that I can pick up costuming tips and tricks for my own LARP costumes. I got a great tip about creating said swishing tails that let me make a really cool tail for my Changeling character (a Fairest Draconic). So next time you’re at a show, try chatting with a fursuiter! They have awesome costuming tips!!


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