Commission Favorites

January 28, 2011

I had a few people ask about what sorts of things they could ask for as commissions, and I figured that rather than try to explain “the sky is the limit, no seriously, I have drawn Protoss fighting dragons and time-traveling Abe Lincolns”, I would simply show you. These are a few of my favorite commissions from the Christmas sale!

The first two were a lot of fun, because I don’t often get to draw custom Weregeek forms for people. The baby geek was something I’d never drawn before, and a chance for me to really crank up the cuteness factor. The second geek is actually a custom card for the game Falling, and wasn’t the only one that the person commissioned. Drawing Weregeeks falling from the sky was hilarious fun!

The second two were challenging, and I always relish a challenge. I mean – a werewolf knight fighting a dragon? AWESOME! And inking tiger stripes, while time consuming, is actually pretty fun.

The third was probably one of my favorite commissions of all time. It’s all of the characters from a Dresden Files RP group, and a few of the players (and possibly the GM) were there in the chat to watch me draw it. I’m a big Dresden Files fan, and drawing the characters made me wish I could join in with their gaming group!

So – there you have it. Whether you buy a commission online or in person at a convention, feel free to come up with something really wacky, ’cause I’m always up for a challenge!


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