Book 2 Preorders!

February 3, 2010

Hey everyone!!

I wish you all could take a look at Book 2 right now. There’s just SOOO much extra stuff, and some of it is so cool that I hate not to be able to show it to you guys. That’s why I decided to give you the little preview above! It comes from the 4 page story at the back of the book.

Know, I know what you guys are thinking. “Psh, sure. Extra stuff you say… I’ve seen comics that promise lots of extra stuff, and it’s all just old sketches and stuff.” Well, you’d be wrong!! When I say extra content, I really, really mean it. Lemme do a quick count here…. There’s 9 brand new strips (that’s almost an entire month’s worth of strips!), lots of artist’s commentary, sketches, and the all-new 4 page that picks up where Chapter 9 ends off!

Oh, and if that wasn’t cool enough, it’s also TWICE as long as Book 1. And, if you get your copy now, it’s also only a few dollars more than Book 1!! I may be biased here, but I think that you’d be very silly indeed to wait to get your copy.

Preorders of the book are available now, and the book itself will be available in March. Just click on the picture of the book, or go to the store page to get yours now!!


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