GeekCast Chaos!

February 4, 2011

Most of the time during the Sunday evening Ustreams, I just color comics and chat with folks about gaming, food, old cartoon shows, and sundry other geeky topics. It’s a lot of fun for everyone. But even I get tired of coloring comics all the time.

So, every once in a while, I will do some live sketching. I take suggestions from the audience – usually with no theme or restrictions. However, a few weeks ago, a theme appeared entirely out of nowhere and without any prompting from me. People called out punny or rhyming animal names, and I drew them as fast as I could, snickering to myself the entire time. (The grassy gnoll still cracks me up, btw.) These are some of the best ones from that session.

If you haven’t tuned into the GeekCasts, I would highly recommend it! We are terribly silly, and I quite enjoy chatting with everyone.

Most GeekCasts are held on Sunday at 7:00 pm MST, but the Geek cast for this week will be on Saturday, beginning at 11:00 am MST and going for most of the day. I will be drawing commissions live on camera, so it’s a rare opportunity to see me working non-digitally!

(Speaking of the Commission Sale – It’s still not too late to get your order in for a custom drawing! I’ll even be taking orders for most of the day on Saturday, though as it’s first come, first drawn, I might not get to it during that day’s broadcast.)


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