February 11, 2011

I was planning on posting some lovey-dovey sketches (or, failing that, some straight-up cheesecake) for this Friday, in honor of Valentine’s Day on Monday, but then I found these goofy bird sketches that I’d done after a day spent birdwatching.

For those of you who don’t know, I absolutely love birds. They are strange, alien, beautiful, and quirky. They are also amazingly fun to draw. I love going to the zoo to sketch the owls and other birds of prey every bit as much as I enjoy bushwacking my way through the riverbank in order to catch glimpses of the small, practically indistinguishable sparrow-like birds that flock there in the wintertime. Give me a parrot to draw, and I will sketch it for hours.

So, enjoy a break from the hearts and cupids and stupid advertisements. (Seriously, if I hear another ad featuring a woman begging for a diamond ring, I will need to hurt something.) Kick back, order some pizza, play some video games, and enjoy some goofy birds instead!


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