Impromptu Valentine’s Commission Sale

February 11, 2014

Hey everyone! I wasn’t planning on doing a Valentine’s Sale this year, but I’ve had a few people email me about it, and one of my side projects ended up wrapping a little sooner than I’d expected, so I DO have a bit of a window to start taking commissions again. Slots for this commission sale will have to be limited, since Valentine’s Day is on Friday, but I’m going to be able to take 10-15 commissions. (15 is they’re all 2 figure commissions, less if they’re group ones, since they take so much longer to draw!) I can guarantee that you’ll receive a digital copy (hihg-res for printing!) of the drawing on Thursday night, and while getting the original shipped to you is still an option, obviously THAT wouldn’t be there by Friday.

If you’re interested in a Valentine’s specific commission, please check out my Shopify Store! And, if you’re still interested in a commission but it doesn’t necessarily have to be done before Friday, please email me at weregeekcomic (at) gmail.com and we can work out the details. Thanks a lot everyone!


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