February 18, 2011

As amusing as it would be to post this up here with no context and leave you all to wonder if I’d finally gone around the bend, I think that context actually makes a pretty good story in this case.

Before Christmas, I made an off handed comment on Twitter about how I couldn’t remember the names of any of the Spice Girls. I got several humorous responses from various people, one of which was from Lar DeSouza, who mentioned something about the Seven Dwarves. I joked back that the Seven Dwarves would make a great boy band, and voila! The idea of the Seven Dwarves as a boy band was simply too good to pass up, and we both HAD to draw it just to get it out of our systems.

This was my contribution, which some of you no doubt saw on Twitter. Lar’s take on it is HERE!

Incidentally, I had entirely too much fun drawing this one!


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