Teenage Mutant Ninja Weregeeks

February 22, 2013

***EDIT! GeneralTekno, who commissioned this drawing, kindly sent me a high-quality scan of it. THANKS!!!!***

I wish, wish, WISH I’d gotten a better picture of this, but alas, I drew it at a con and only got this slightly blurry iPhone picture of it before the person who commissioned it came to pick it up. I might just have to draw it again sometime!

This is, if you haven’t guessed already, the cast as the latest incarnation of the Ninja Turtles. (The new show rocks, btw!) Well, with the exception of Sarah (it was requested that she play the part of April), and the game-shop owner Ned (who is grumpy Master Splinter).

Abbie as Michaelangelo is a terrifying thought. She should never be allowed around nunchaku for any reason.

* * *

Also, in other news – the gamer bakery is a real thing!!! Dungeons and Donuts in Galway, Ireland serves up CCGs and war games with a side of gaming-themed donuts – like the Adeptus Custurd-ies! As if I didn’t have enough reasons already to want to visit Ireland!!


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