Store updates!

February 23, 2009

Crits T-Shirt Hey everyone! If you’ve been checking the store lately, you’ve probably noticed that the shirts aren’t on pre-order anymore. That’s because the t-shirts are in and ready for sale!! And if you haven’t been checking the store, you’re missing out! I now have ladies sizes in stock as well, because I know how hard it is to find good gaming-related tees in ladies sizes! If you want to show of your geek cred at your next tabletop session, then what could be better?

I’ll be bringing some t-shirts along with me to the cons I’ll be attending this summer, but if you can’t make it out to those, go order yours now!

And speaking of the store, keep checking back, because I’m going to be adding some of my previously convention-only merchandise on there in the near future! Need stats for your fridge? I’ve got ’em. Geek buttons? Got those too! So stay tuned!


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