Book 4: The Geek Unleashed

March 14, 2012

Hey Weregeeks! It’s that time again – time for another print collection to be published!

This time around, rather than try to do a pre-order through my store, I am going to be doing a pre-order through IndieGoGo. (Basically, it’s Kickstarter, but not limited to U.S.-based companies.) This means that along with offering first dibs on the new run of books, I am also going to be offering a TON of perks for signing up. All of these perks will be exclusive to my IndieGoGo supporters, which means that they will not be available here on the site. And there’s some fun ones! Want me to NPC at your game? That’s an option! Want a handmade Weregeek figurine, sculpted by me? That’s also a possibility!

Please check out my Campaign Page for more details about the perks, and about the campaign itself.

And, even if you aren’t able to pitch in monetarily (And trust me, I know the feeling. Games aren’t cheap!), you can still help me out by spreading the word about this campaign. Tweet, Facebook, or whatever social-networking-verb you care to use – it’d be a huge help and I will really appreciate it!



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