Guest Strip by John Kovalic

March 23, 2012

Hey, what are those guys doing in this comic? Maybe it’s just payback for the time we tried to take over theirs!

Today’s comic is, of course, by the mighty Munchkin-King – John Kovalic. Even though he’s currently struggling to get all of the art for Munchkin Apocalypse (which I totally can’t wait to try, so work faster, darnit! 🙂 ) finished, he still took time out of his VERY busy schedule to get me a guest strip for this week. He’s that much of a gentleman, and a true friend for adding more work to an already packed week just to help me out.

I am particularly tickled by how completely nonplussed Sarah looks in this comic. She does NOT care for their antics!

And, that’s it for Guest Week. I got SO much done on the book this week, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who made me a guest strip. We’ll be back to more hijinks with El Pantero and the D&D group on Monday, so see you all then!


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