NEWW Con Report!

March 30, 2009

1vd2w-1e8961ebe43627fbaf66827e2a0f3fd449b0adeaI know that it’s been a week since the New England Webcomics Weekend, and that most people already have their Con Reports up, but man… It’s taken me this long just to process all of the amazing things that happened last weekend!

For starters, unlike the invited guests, I didn’t have a table to man, so I was free to wander the convention and chat with everyone at my leisure – an opportunity us busy artists rarely get during the hustle and bustle of a regular convention! (Usually, any chance we get to chat with our peers is crammed into the few hours in between the end of that day’s convention and the moment where we collapse wherever we happen to be out of sheer exhaustion.) This meant that I got to chat with nearly everyone – fan and artist alike – which was no mean feat given the sheer number of people who turned out!

And the one thing that everyone had in common was the sense that this was something amazing happening around them… The start of something that people would be talking about for years! This was most evident in the random acts of creativity that sprang up everywhere. Whether it was the doodles in the Infinite Canvas room, or the impromptu sketching circles that happened wherever a few people happened3376946646_db8eb5942a to be sitting together, everyone involved was just very excited to be a part of it.

I was also so very pleased to meet a bunch of the people whose comics I’ve been reading for years. It was an honor and a pleasure to chat with all of you, and I wish that the convention could have gone on for weeks, so that we could have had the chance to sit down, break out the pencils and paper, and jam. Some of you, I’ll see again this weekend at Emerald City. To those who I won’t, I will see you at next year’s NEWW!!

*  *  *

Meredith, thank you a million times over for putting this together. I know coordinating artists is worse than herding directionally-challenged cats, but somehow you managed it! n594301525_2155907_4687603Thanks also to my buddy, Luke Foster, who not only picked me up from the airport, but hung out with me all weekend and put up with my manic smile and endlessly repeated squeals of “this is so AWESOME!!”. Huge thanks to the kind gamer geeks who adopted me at the end of the con, took me home, fed me, and let me discover my inner drummer on their Rock Band set. (Quinby, you and your friends are the bestest ever!) Dudley, thanks for drinking my gimlet and being endlessly amusing. The Michelle and Natalie Show – hope to run into you two again soon!


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