Unicorns = Pirates

April 13, 2012

This sketch is pretty random, but it has a cute story behind it that I just had to share.

At Emerald City, I was asked if I could draw “something kind of weird”. I said yes, and was expecting to hear something about ninja Cthulhu fighting pirate godzilla (which I’ve drawn before), or time-travelling Abe Lincoln fighting robots (ditto). Instead, I was asked if I could draw a Ninja Pirate King.

“You see,” the lady said, “I have this niece who thought that pirates meant unicorns. So, when we announced that we were having a pirate-themed reception for our wedding, she was REALLY excited. Imagine, all the grown-ups dressed as UNICORNS! It’s a little girl’s dream.”

Her niece was a little flabbergasted to find everyone dressed with hooks and peglegs instead of flowing manes and horns, but apparently took to the change quite well, and even dubbed her uncle “the King Unicorn.”

Hence, the sketch, which was for her niece. I’m not sure I made the unicorn king-y enough, but that’s definitely a pirate unicorn.


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