Game of Thrones

April 21, 2011

Wondering what article Sarah is referring to? I shall (cautiously) post a link to it here, but please don’t hold me responsible for any spontaneous combustion fueled by pure rage that occurs from reading said article. Link to stupid article in question.

If you need a dose of zen after reading that, or just want to hear more geek girls ranting about it, here are some articles that I quite enjoyed:

Newsarama Rant-o-rama!
Geeks with Curves – (Also has a great article on the site about her trip to the Game of Thrones themed food cart, run by Chef Tom Colicchio, where she met George R.R. Martin. An epic tale of geek worlds colliding!)
‘Today’ weighs in on why geek girls are a market force to be reckoned with

EDIT: George R.R. Martin break his usual ‘no comment’ rule to respond to the NYTimes article!


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