A dragon in disguise

May 3, 2012

I’m bumping up tomorrow’s sketch so that I can leave you all with a proper Friday cliffhanger when we start out on next chapter’s big plot dump. (Heh.) So, for today, here’s another D&D sketch.

This one is another sketch from the long-running Dragonlance campaign we were in. At one point during the campaign, our DM had us roll up another set of characters so that we could have two groups running around and trying to save the world. We generally chose whatever was opposite to what we were currently playing – I made a barbarian to contrast with my pacifist cleric character, and our group’s paladin made a really interesting noble/rogue character.

However, one player made a happy-go-lucky wood elf. Since she’d previously played our sensible “big sisterly” sorcerer, we all accepted her new character concept at face value….

… Until she turned into a very young bronze dragon, that is. My memory of exactly how that came about is a little fuzzy, but I remember that our group was in Mortal Peril, and that she dropped her elf act in time to save the day and whisk us away to safety. The downside was that the character thereafter became an NPC, since our DM was sensible enough not to let a full-fledged dragon be a member of the party, but during the few sessions where she was still around, I doodled this little character portrait of her dragon form. (I know I drew her elven form a few times too, but I haven’t been able to find the sketchbook those drawings were in. I hope I do, since there’s a LOT of D&D stuff in there…)


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