Not-So-Tiny Superheroes

April 29, 2011

So,  continuing on in the superhero vein, here are some sketches that I’m sure some of you have been waiting for!

These are some very rough designs for Sarah and Abbie’s hypothetical super-powered alter egos. (For those who have asked I fully plan on having a superhero storyline at some point. However, there’s quite a few games running right now, and just like in real life, I’ve got to end one of them before I can start another. So, don’t despair, but it might be a bit of a wait!)

To the surprise of no one, Abbie is a speedster. I knew that from the get-to, and so her design came together very quickly.

I was less sure about Sarah’s powers. The lower right sketch of her is more of a strong, invulnerable type hero, a la Wonder Woman. The top right design, which I quite like, is a little more dark and mysterious and a lot more sexy.  I imagine that she probably shots bolts of energy from her hands, as the cape and fishnets  combo give her a bit of a dark sorceress vibe.

However, I don’t have a name for either of them. And so, oh mighty legion of  Weregeeks, I turn the floor over to you! Got a suggestion for one or both of them? Let me know in the comments!


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