Wrench firmly in my plans!

May 1, 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry for yet another filler update. I have scripts & thumbnails for all of this week’s comics, and the plan was to head back to Edmonton after the Calgary Expo and spend the day at Layne’s lab, working on comics while he got his workstation in order.

Instead, our landlord informed us that he was letting the new tenant move in a day early, so could we please gee tee eff oh. So, instead of working on comics, we spent the day frantically cleaning up our old place in the faint hopes of getting our damage deposit back. We’re still planning on heading to the lab tomorrow (today, god is it after midnight already?!) so I will have a chance to get the weeks comics done and uploaded, but for now, you’ll have to enjoy this bodger kobold I drew over the weekend! this comic I finally had a chance to draw!! We did stop by Layne’s lab after all, and I managed to get the comics drawn and scanned. USING THE POWER OF SCIENCE!!! Thanks for understanding, and watch my twitter feed for updates. (I’ll tweet when the comic is up!)


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Chapter 23