Werewolf Sarah

May 11, 2012

After this week’s weregeek-y action, I figured that posting some Werewolf art was appropriate. I still really want to do a short Werewolf storyline at some point in the future, but haven’t yet found a good time to work it in. (Maybe it’ll be an extra content thing in another book)  Here is a sketch of Sarah’s (potential) Werewolf character. I was angling to make her a Child of Gaia, though it might also be interesting if she was a Black Fury. Either way, I’m pretty happy with the design. Sarah plays so many well-coiffed, well-dressed characters that it’s fun to draw her letting her hair down a little, in both the figurative and literal senses.

Any guesses on the rest of the group’s Auspices/Tribes? Most of them should be pretty easy to figure out. 🙂



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