Hill Golem? Stone giant?

May 18, 2012

I’m not entirely sure what the impetus for this picture was, other than “let’s doodle some cool D&Dish monsters and see what happens”. I believe this had started out as some kind of colossal war beast, but the expression on the beast’s face was far more solemn than furious, and the sketch morphed into more of a peaceful yet-equally unstoppable stone giant. I imagine it starting out it’s life high up in the mountains, where it’s rocky carapace would provide it camouflage, before wandering down through the foothills later in life, where it would take long, long naps and thus acquire a small ecosystem of moss, soil, grass, trees, and very confused squirrels.

* * *

Speaking of random doodles, I’ve been in the mood lately to draw some monsters. If you have any favourites from any game system, list them/describe them/post links to them in the comments, and if one of them captures my imagination, I’ll draw it and post it up here next week. If I get enough suggestions, this may become a “monster of the week” sort of thing!


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