Lessons from Miscon!

May 27, 2009

Things I learned from attending MisCon:

– CthuluBob will not eat your brains, but he will shake your hand and go out of his way to make sure you’re having a great con. He also grills a fantastic burger.
Steven Brust plays a mean garbage can bongo
Michael Stackpole has the ability to inhale burgers Kirby-style
John Kovalic can see a prank coming a mile away. (It helps that I couldn’t keep a straight face for the life of me).
– Playing spin the bottle with a room full of authors has hilarious consequences
– In Montana, meat is available in both solid and liquid forms. Meat MUST be consumed at every meal. Choose wisely.
– SCA fencing demos are cool. SCA fencing demos at the side of a rushing mountain stream are pretty much the best thing ever.
– Taking a break from panels & manning the table to go sit in the sunshine by said mountain stream is also the best thing ever.
– There’s filk, and then there’s Eben Brooks. (Check out his stuff. Seriously.)
– Missoula is a little chunk of Canada in the middle of the mountains. Everyone is courteous and polite. (And as proud of their huckleberries as folks back home are of their Saskatoons.)
– Poolside venue + beer fridge + live dj + video games = one geeky good time
– Wrangling geeks is difficult, but possible with an army of volunteers! (Thanks for looking after me & the rest of the guests, guys!! You rock!)
– MisCon: well worth the 10 hours drive through treacherous mountain passes to get to!


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