May 23, 2012

Vancouver Weregeeks!! If you’re in town this weekend and want to meet some really awesome people who draw comics, then have I got the show for you!! The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VanCaf)  is being held this weekend (May 25-26), and I will be there, along with a really long list of other local and international comic artists. And, best of all, VanCaf is FREE to attend, so there’s no excuse not to come down and hang out, now is there?

VanCaf Info!

* * *

Also, today’s comic takes us somewhere no comic about gaming has gone before – bra shopping! I know this isn’t our standard dice-rolling hijinks, but I’m really happy to have the chance to do another storyline with just the girls, even if it has to be while they’re shopping. (I share Abbie’s dislike of shopping, and ESPECIALLY bra shopping…) But, I was willing to put aside my aversion to even mentioning the dreaded ‘S’ word after a surprisingly fun and annoyance-free trip to the mall with my friends that left me with scads of potential scripts, and as an attempt to psyche myself up to take a much-needed trip to the bra store myself. (Yes. Bras can explode. No, I’m not saying whether or not mine did, only that, ow…)

Though, perhaps the day that someone makes a bra with a built-in dice holder (for girls without their own built-in dice holders), I might actually venture into one of those stores of my own accord… Etsy – get on it!!


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