Book Sale – Special Edition!!

June 29, 2009

Hey everyone! Have you always wanted a signed/sketched copy of the Weregeek book, but couldn’t afford it? Or just looking for something a little different? Well, you’re in luck!!

Back when I was checking out printers to have Weregeek: Volume 1 printed, I got a limited run of 100 books done as a test. The cover is slightly different that the final edition that’s been available on the site all along (the spine isn’t printed, and there’s a yellow strip under the title), but hey, geeks like variant covers, right? So, I’m holding a limited-edition book sale to make more room on my shelves for the eventual print run of Weregeek: Volume 2!

Each book is individually numbered, signed, and has a full-page inked unique sketch of one of the main characters inside the back cover. Best of all, this limited edition printing will be available for only $15.00 plus shipping! To top it off, your order comes with an individual tracking number to ensure timely delivery. All in all, it’s a great value!

Order yours today!