Lost boys cameo

June 28, 2012

The smart ass on the motorcycle is none other than Paul Wayper, who, from his response, is clearly a fan of the movie, “Lost Boys”. Props to you sir for your fine choice in vampire cinema! Young Keifer Sutherland as the insane leader of a posse of vampires is something that everyone must experience at least once.

Lost Boys is also pretty much required viewing for anyone looking to play in a WoD (old or new) Vampire game. The theme and style (not to mention gore) really suits the WoD setting. So are Interview with the Vampire and Near Dark (though, I might suggest just stopping the movie before the last ten minutes… The ‘twist’ ending is pretty dumb.) And as for music… Well, anything gothy works quite well, but my all time favorite Vampire song has to be Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde!

Those are my favorites – do you guys have any “must watch” movies or songs to get you in the mood for Vampire?


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