Happy UCAS Day!

July 1, 2013

Again, I know that UCAS day is technically in October, but really – Canada’s big day is on the first and the US’s is on the 4th. A reasonable compromise is just to split the difference and wish you all a happy Whatever-North-American-Country-You-Like Day. So, go enjoy some grilled food products and enjoy the fireworks!!

Just a heads up – I’m still working to fulfil the digital orders from our Book 5 Kickstarter, and I will also be drawing the first batch of the commission sale drawings this week, so in order not to kill myself with work, this week’s comics will be (temporarily) in black and white. Never fear – they will be updated in color as soon as I catch up on my backlog of work. Thanks for understanding, and I hope you North American Weregeeks enjoy your day off!


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