San Diego Comic Con!!

July 16, 2010

Hey Weregeeks!!

Booth 5015 I am going to be at San Diego Comic Con next week! I am going to be at BOOTH 5015, along with the crew from Little Vampires. That’s right – two great monster comics at one table!! Woo!! I’ll have both Weregeek books for sale, as well as a my new line of Geek Bling, t-shirts, and other geek accessories, so don’t miss out!

This will be my first time exhibiting at SDCC, so I’m pretty excited to finally be present at the great geek mecca. I have no doubt that it will be overwhelming, amazing, and very, very busy! So, if you’re going to be at the show as well, please stop by and say hi! I can’t wait!

San Diego Comic Con,
July 21 -25th
Booth 5015


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