Crone Cameo, and a note on the setting

July 18, 2012

Today’s comic features a cameo by the wonderful Jackie Bermingham, who is playing one of the creepy Order of the Crone members!! (The cauldron ALWAYS needs more eye of newt. It’s like salt, but infinitely more disgusting.)

And, speaking of which – I’m sure many of the die-hard White Wolf Vampire LARPers who read this comic have been scratching their heads and wondering where I’m going with this storyline, so I’m going to take a moment to explain a few things in this blog post:

This is what happens when you convert a game from Old World of Darkness to Vampire the Requiem in the middle of a chronicle!

I’ve always intended Wayne’s Vampire game to be a long-running chronicle that Sarah, Dustin, Abbie and Joel have been playing for years, which I established right from the beginning of the comic, by mentioning Old WoD clans such as Toreador, Malkavians and Tremere. However, it always seemed likely to me that Wayne would have made changes and adjustments to the setting over the years… he’s just that type of GM/Storyteller. That’s why I’ve always had a few twists… Demetrius calls himself King rather than Prince, for example. The Anarch movement have always called themselves Anarchists, and the traditional court positions are mostly absent or altered.

Eventually, I took this a step farther, and decided that, somewhere back before Mark joined the game, Wayne converted his game from Old WoD to VtRequiem. Converted games are fairly common, since many Storytellers of long-running chronicles want to keep up with the latest rules and publications, but without forcing their players to start over and lose their long-running characters. When this happens, a seasoned Storyteller is likely to cherry pick their favourite bits from each game, and you can bet that Wayne has done so!

The result is what you see here: A game using a mixture of old and new clans and powers, politics and settings. So never fear, Vampire LARP fans, you’ll see plenty of tropes and jokes from BOTH systems as we go along!


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