Abbie Pie

July 28, 2015

Today’s guest comic is by my good buddy, Luke Foster of The Center of Somewhere and an amazing travel journal comic about his trip across the United States, Drawn Away. Thanks again, Luke! I always love seeing your take on my characters!

I approve of Abbie’s reasoning for parties.

* * *

Also, in REALLY BIG EXCITING NEWS, I have a new Kickstarter running. And it’s not for a Weregeek book. It’s for something I’ve never tried before – publishing a card game!! Allow me to introduce TWILIGHT ARCANA, An elegant High Fantasy card game based on the look of the Tarot:

Promo Image copy

The Twelve Realms have long been ruled by wise and powerful Queens, but a dark Shadow has fallen over the land. An unseen power threatens to plunge the Realms into darkness, bringing famine, war, and worse.

In the Tower of Secrets, the Twelve Queens have gathered to seek an end to the threat. But they are betrayed, cursed by a powerful spell, sending them all into a deathlike slumber, as the Realms fall into chaos…