Back in Black!

August 24, 2009

Phew!! To say that August has been a bit of a marathon would be an understatement! I have not spent a single weekend in August at home, and 3 out of 4 of those weekends were spent at cons! (And the other was spent getting to a con!)

So, please excuse my absence! Now that con-season is more or less over and I’ve settled into my new job, expect more blog posts from me in the future! Lots has happened, far more than will fit into a single con report, but I hope to be posting at least brief summaries up in the forum. Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi to me at the various conventions! It’s always great chatting with you folks.

So, what’s new? Plenty!:

1) Head on over to Dork Tower to check out this week’s guest strips! I had the pleasure of meeting John Kovalic at MisCon this past spring, and when he mentioned he would be moving and could use a little help with his buffer, I was glad to help out! I’ve been a fan of his strip for years, and I was honored for the opportunity to write and draw his characters. I hope I did them justice!

2) The Book Sale is still going on, but there’s not many books left! Get your sketched Limited Edition copies of Weregeek: Volume 1 today!

3) We premiered two new t-shirt designs at GenCon, and they were a big hit! Both designs will be soon be available in the Weregeek store, so keep checking back! I’ll post here on the blog when they’re available.


Speaking of mashups…

Given today’s strip, I found this music video highly appropriate. Enjoy?


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