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September 9, 2013

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take this change to once again thank all of the wonderful people who contributed to the Book 5 Kickstarter! As you may know, so many kind people contributed that they earned everyone TWO WHOLE MONTHS of extra comic update. So, everyone give them a round of applause for the past few months of comics. I couldn’t have done it without them! 🙂

We’ll now be getting back to our usual schedule, but the Kickstarter perks aren’t over yet. I’ve switched this week’s Sketchbook Friday to today in order to give myself a little time to get the first few Guest Star Appearances drawn. Watch for cameos from a variety of Weregeeks over the next few weeks!

For those who did back the Kickstarter – I’ll be sending a more complete update via Kickstarter shortly, but I just wanted you to know that the first batch of books will be going out this week. Thank you for sticking with me through the delays! Getting this book in hand has been more trying than usual, but thankfully, they’re here and they look wonderful. I can’t wait to get them all to you so can enjoy them too!


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