The Saga of the Store…

October 4, 2010

Back in January, when the “new” and “improved” Weregeek store launched, I had high hopes for it.

The open-source store software I chose was purported to be fast, easy to use, and compatible with Canada Post…. But as the months went on, the bugginess of the system became apparent. Some orders got charged too much for shipping and needed the extra cost refunded. Other orders went awry entirely, not showing up in the index until weeks (or in one case, a month!) later.

It was a nightmare.

And so, to rectify the problem, I’ve dug through many different store providers, searching for one that worked with Canada Post. I found one that is reliable, stable, and best of all, has around the clock support, so if anything DOES go wrong, it will be fixed immediately. Hurray!!

The new store is streamlined and lovely, and to top it all off, I’ve added in several new items, including fridge magnet sets that include the ever-popular Refrigerator Stat Block, as well as several new art prints.

And, to celebrate the new-new Weregeek store’s grand opening, I’m giving everyone 10% off their orders for the next two weeks!! Just enter the coupon code “weregeek” when placing your order, and voila! Cheaper Weregeek swag! Woo!!!

The (new, new) Weregeek Store!!


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