On matters filky

October 4, 2013

First up – if you’re in Vancouver this weekend, you should come check out VCon. I will be hanging out with Tarol Hunt in the “Cyberspace” area of the Artist’s Alley, and on Saturday I will be testing my drawing skills again both him and John Kovalic in the Pencils at High Noon panel, which is pretty much guaranteed to be a blast!

Ok, onto business! The singer in the first panel is a nod to the very first filk I ever heard in person. I was at MisCon in Missoula, Montana one year, and it was rather quiet in the dealer’s room. That is, until Eben Brooks strolled through with his guitar, singing this hilarious version of Hey There Delilah. It immediately became one of my favorites and I insisted all my friends listen to his songs, which had the wonderful side effect of one of my friend’s kinds singing about Cthulhu at her play group, but that’s another story altogether.

What I’m saying is = check out his music. It’s hilarious. And search for more filk in general! There is some great stuff out there. In fact, if you have any cool links to share, please post ’em in the comments! Here’s one to get you started: In the Black – by Marian Call


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