Drawing Backgrounds

October 12, 2012

When I first started this comic, (wow, 6 years ago now) I’d never really drawn any backgrounds before, being more interested in and more comfortable with drawing characters. But, I promised myself that I’d at least *try* to draw backgrounds, because if you don’t practice, you never get any better.

Now, I’m a lot more comfortable with backgrounds (even if I don’t go crazy elaborate all the time due to time restrictions), and it’s actually a lot of fun to be able to cut loose and draw big exterior scenes like the mall or a downtown street. (Drawing the spooky theatre for last year’s Halloween story was especially fun!)

That new skill has crossed over into my ‘just for fun’ art, too. This is a sketch of the bridge of my Serenity RPG character’s ship, the Devil’s Due. When I drew it, I thought I’d added enough debris and tchotchkes laying around and cluttering things up, but in retrospect, I totally could have gone further. I do quite like the happy face sticker she’s put over her muscle man poster – that’s pretty in character. 🙂


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