The things I draw

November 4, 2011

Hey Weregeeks! Just a reminder that the commission sale goes live on Monday, and I’ll be posting a link to the pricing and details here on the blog.

For now, I’ve had a several people ask what sorts of things I’m comfortable drawing. The answer is, pretty much anything, provided it’s PG-13. (Cheesecake is fine, but no nudity.) I’m comfortable drawing in several different styles, so if you’ve had a hankering for an anime character, I can probably do that. Same thing if you have a noir character, or a Hellboy fan character, or anything of that sort. If you have photo reference of the sort of style you’re after, that makes it easier on me.

Today’s sketch is a sampling of the sorts of things people have commissioned from me in the past.


Comic Storylines

Chapter 19