Topiary Cameo

November 14, 2013

Will Benedetti is familiar with a wide variety of plant-based rules systems, including Savage Ferns, GRAPES, and Call of Kudzuhlu. Therefore, it is not at all strange for him to suggest that there’s a topiary side-game going on – he might have even planned it himself!*

In other news, I will be doing a convention this weekend… from home, in my pyjamas!** ComfyCon was a convention invented by Randy Millholland and Danielle Corsetto when they had to miss out on San Diego Comic Con. Instead of going to the effort of flying somewhere and setting up huge booths, this con will be all digital – all of the “panels” will be held on Google Hangouts where a number of webcomic artists will chat with you and answer your questions on a variety of topics!! I don’t have any other information available yet (such as the starting times), but I will be posting them here on the blog as soon as I do, so watch this space for ComfyCon deets!!!

EDIT: Here’s the link to the ComfyCon schedule!!

* May or may not be factually accurate
** Probably not actually in my pyjamas. More likely in a warm, cozy sweater and my comfiest skirt and fuzziest socks. It IS autumn, after all.


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