Comic 122


September 5, 2007

Just out of curiosity – are there any comic fans/creators in the Edmonton area? If so, send me an email! It’d be great to chat.

I’ve been in the city for a full month now (man, does time fly…) and I have yet to go and check out any of the comic shops or gaming stores in town. Not that I don’t know where they are, mind you, because I’ve visited here enough to spot a number of them. Things have just been far too busy to spend much time exploring the interesting places in my new city. (I do, however, make an exception for food places, since a hungry comic artist isn’t a happy comic artist, and -this- comic artist is especially happy when she has delicious Thai food to consume.)

Observation #2 – This city needs more bridges. I’m from Saskatoon – The City of Bridges. It’s about 1/5th the size, but has more than half the amount of bridges that Edmonton does, and it’s still barely enough. Here, though, where several of the bridges only go one way, it’s a dire need. Still, Edmonton gets points for the prettier river bank.


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