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That Time of Year…

December 13, 2006

Christmas is coming up fast, (ok, it’s still a couple weeks away, but I’ve already got strips drawn for way past then, so it feels closer) and that leaves me with an interesting conundrum. Do I follow the standard webcomic holiday routine and post a Christmas pin-up?

No, not that type of pin-up, you sickos. Jeez, my female cast hasn’t even been introduced yet 😉

Christmas, this year, falls on a Monday, so it’s one of my regular updates. Instead of having the regular Monday strip, I could instead post up a special ‘Christmas strip’, ie – a splash page type thing with all the characters in their Christmas attire, doing something comical. On the other hand, I could just ignore the holidays entirely and post my usual Monday update. I’d do a Christmas strip, but I’m kind of in the middle of the intro storyline, and I’d hate to break that up just for a cheap and cheesy Christmas joke. (Oh, and it’d be cheesy, trust me.)

I’ve seen other comics with some really cool yearly gimmicks – Shaenon Garrity of Narbonic has regular Haiku-offs that are always amusing – but Christmas is one holiday that seems to spawn contrived comics. (The same cannot be said for Kwanzaa. Therefore, it wins.)

What say you folks? Is anyone at all interested in seeing a full-cast holiday strip?


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