Book 2 Preorders update!

March 1, 2010

Hey everyone! Good news!

Book 2 is hot off the presses and is currently on it’s way to my doorstep. Because of this, Book 2 pre-orders are going to be ending soon, so if you want to get your sketched copy of the book at the special pre-order price, you should order now!

If you pre-ordered a copy of book 2 already, I’ll be contacting you in the next few days to let you know when you can expect your book in the mail!

Also, I really want to get back in the habit of making regular blog posts here, so make sure to check back regularly in the coming weeks. I’ll be telling stories about the games I’m playing in, reviewing game systems, and even posting up some fan-made literature! So, keep checkin’ back!


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