Ode to a Geek…

March 8, 2010

One doesn’t often see geeks and poetry spoken about in the same breath… (Unless, of course, you’re talking of filk… But that’s another story!) You wouldn’t think that we’d be as inspiring a subject as the texture of rose petals or the peculiar luminescence of a sunset… But you’d be wrong!

I have been lucky enough to receive several geek-related poems from a good friend of mine, Rynchus. If you’re a regular visitor to my weekly Ustreams, then you’ve probably already met him, and if you ever happen to be attending a con in Calgary, then he’s the guy to see about where to find the best restaurants. He sent me a whole bunch of Weregeek-related poems, and I’ve picked a few of my favorites to show you guys.

The rest of his poetry can be found on his blog – http://rynchus.blogspot.com/. I heartily recommend checking it out! But, on to the poetry!

The Moon does rise to shine through my blinds
Casting lines grid like on my bed
Reminding me of maps, treasure, and true friends.
Tonight my geek does runs wild,
There are dice to roll and a Run to finish chummer son.
My armor is hot, my smart link tight,
This night is for my Geek to run amok.
A call goes out and all will join,
Our Moot is here and none shall fear,
This is our play under the watching eye
of The Moon which called us here.

To be a Geek:
What makes us a Geek?
Does it run in our blood,
Or is that the Dew?
The chatter of dice,
Our character on sheets?
Or is it more then all that,
Something to bind us
in the darkness.
That all is part of what we are
Geeks through and trough
now you mentioned some dew.
It’s in the fridge.

Shadow Run:
The Shadows hide our Runners,
Our Dice decide their fate,
Then we all laugh
As Mark rolls sixes to strike
A mighty blow is landed,
our group is saved for this night.


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