April 7, 2010

I sometime wish that I could make montages for all of my D&D character’s various mishaps. There’d be enough material there to fill at least ten minutes of film. Falling off things, ‘finding’ traps with their faces, fumbling even simple spells, and that one time with the dragon and the scroll of Cone of Cold… Ahh. Good times. Good times.

I hope you guys have been enjoying the D&D storyline!! It’s been making me want to go back and roll up some characters, just for the hell of it.

Also, I just wanted to let all of the Chicago Weregeeks know that I will be there in a few weeks for C2E2. Man, have you guys checked out the lineup for this con? They’ve got so many amazing guests that I can’t even begin to list them all! And SO many webcomics people!! It’s gonna be pretty amazing!!

C2E2 – Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo
April 16 – 18
Lakeside Center, McCormick Place
Chicago, IL


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