The Ones Who Call

January 21, 2011

Today’s art is not Weregeek related, but it IS tangentially related to another project I’m doing, called “The Ones Who Call”.

“The Ones Who Call” is a twelve part series of stories set in the Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan. These stories will be published monthly in an online ‘zine called The Edge of Propinquity.Their website has this to say about the project:

The Edge of Propinquity is a series of short stories from four different authors in four different universes exploring the world that lurks just beneath the surface of everyday life. It is the world of the unexplained, supernatural, magic, horror, duty, responsibility, black humor, conspiracy, unknown heritage and power.

The first part is now up and available to read, along with four other spine-tingling glimpses into the ‘Other’. Please go and take a look at all of them!

But, you ask, how are sketches of stylized raccoon spirits related to said story? Well, it’s a bit of a stretch, but my story is based off of a smattering of Cree legends, and these raccoons sketches are my attempts to interpret several different Cree artist’s works. So it’s, you know, thematically similar, or something like that. (Also, I don’t have any sketches of the characters from said story, and these were handy… C’mon. Work with me here. 😛 )

Visit the Edge of Propinquity at http://www.edgeofpropinquity.net/ – Monthly stories, free archives, and no ads.


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