BEWARE the dreaded Bunny Magic

April 6, 2012

This sketch is based on a conversation I had during one of my D&D games. It went something like this:

The DM: “The dark pits of the mage’s eyes flicker over you, and as his gaze meet yours, you feel the powerful pull of the dark, necromantic energy that surrounds him…”

Dan: Why is is always DARK magic? Or Blood magic? Do all evil mages have to pick some kind of terrible thing to study?

Me: Yeah, pretty much. It’s part of the whole ‘evil magician’ schtick.

Dan: Well, THAT’S lame. What if they want to study something else? Like… Clayomancy. Or Bunny Magic.

The DM: Bunny… Magic?

Dan: (waving his fingers at us in a threatening magic-y gesture) Be-WAAAAAAAARE the dreaded Bunny Magic!!


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