The Best Con You May Never Have Heard Of

May 18, 2009

Next weekend (May 22-25), I am going to Missoula, Montana.

Why would I ever do a thing like that, you ask?? Because Missoula is host to one of the Best Conventions You May Never Have Heard Of. Seriously. You gotta check out the guest list. There may be a few people you might have heard of… Like:

– Michael A. Stackpole
– Steven Brust
– CJ Cherryh
– Patricia Briggs
– John Kovalic

Yes, you read that right. John Kovalic, of Dork Tower. I get to meet the guy whose illustrations grace the cards of the Munchkin series and whose books are tomes of classic geekery.

How excited am I? Excited enough to drive the 10 hours from Edmonton to Missoula!! If you have the chance to make it out, I would highly recommend it!! I mean, check out these panels!! How awesome is this gonna be?


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