Phoenix Comic Con!

May 19, 2010

Its now just shy of one week until the Phoenix Comic Con, and I can’t wait!! Why am I so excited to be going to Phoenix, you ask?

Well, aside from it being a FOUR day con over the Memorial Day long weekend, and aside from smilin’ Stan Lee himself putting in a Sunday appearance, I’m also super excited to simply be back in Arizona.

For those who don’t know, I spent a year living in Tucson back during high school. During that time, I got to see javelinas in my back yard, grew fond of the giant saguaros dotting the horizon, and was completely ruined for winter. (85ºF in January? I’ll take that!!) So I’m terribly excited to finally be headed back to the desert!!

Oh, sure, it’s the beginning of the hot season, and I’ll have to remember to bring about a metric tonne of sunscreen lest I spontaneously combust, but still. It’s a dry heat, right?

I am also super excited because I’m going to be sharing booth with the fine folks from Little Vampires! If you’ve never read the comic before, then you’re missing out on the cutest, tiniest and (in their own minds) fiercest vampires the world has seen. So, drop by our monster mash of a booth (Booth 306) and say hi!!


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