Briefly, a black and white comic

December 6, 2012

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy the novelty of seeing the uncolored inks of the comic, because today we had a bit of an impromptu blizzard. So, instead of being cozy and warm at home while I colored my comics, I was instead driving from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment, trying not to crash, slide on the ice, or otherwise get mangled by the other insane drivers on the roads.* Had I known a snowpocalypse was imminent, I would have booked my follow-up eye exam on a different day!**

But don’t fret – I managed to get over half of the comic colored, and it shouldn’t take long for me to get the other half done tomorrow. The comic will be up, in color, as soon as it’s done. Thanks for sticking with me through this bout of bad weather!

*If the term ‘roads’ can still be applied to several inches of snow and slush piled atop three inches of slickest black ice, which I don’t think is the case.
**My eye is healed, btw, and I just have to see a contact lens specialist to get a new fitting before I’ll FINALLY have the use of both of my eyes again! Yay! No more drawing comics one-eyed, as I’ve been doing since October!


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