Comic 2

All Systems Go!

November 29, 2006

Hey everybody!

The site’s up and ready to go, thanks to the help of the super-awesome LM. The cast page has been updated, and I love how it turned out. We’re still working on some of the other pages, so if you happen to find a broken link or something else wonky, let me know so we can fix it. (‘We’ being mostly LM… I’m not bad at HTML, but between work and trying to get a buffer of comics together, I’m also super busy. He’s graciously doing most of the script work for me, and has been testing out the pages as they’re uploaded.)

So welcome, enjoy, and keep checking back. Weregeek’s updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so there’ll be another comic up on the 1st.

Jeez, is it December already? Yikes.


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