Comic 3

Oh noes!

December 6, 2006

Poor Mark… He’s been a geek for all of ten minutes, and he’s already running for his life. Don’t worry. His day gets better. And by better, I mean far, far more amusing…

In other news, my pog* and newsbox pics have both been approved! I did I little dance of joy when I saw my pog up on the front page, and then took a screenshot. ‘Cause I’m a geek like that. I still haven’t seen my newsbox image up yet, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. If you are here because you clicked on the newsbox, then you deserve a prize!**

*The pog I’m referring to is the little circular logo image that appears at random on the front page of comicgenesis, not a small, circular game piece popular in the early 90’s. Because I totally didn’t have any of those. Nope. Not me.
**Due to budget cutbacks, the prize for coming to this site has to be limited to access to comics about weregeeks. But they’re full-color! That’s something!


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