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Geek Movies

February 12, 2007

I found an interesting link the other day to a list of 81 Geek Movies that Do Not Suck. [link]

It’s by no means a definitive list of geek movies, and it’s hard to tell exactly what credentials were used to determine the non-sucktitude of a given movie (though one must assume that any movie that makes you yell “LAME!” at the TV screen would fall under the ‘suck’ category), but its still a good read. The list is even broken up into convenient ‘geek’ categories, like “It’s got swords, dude!”, and “I was a nerd kid in the 80’s”, along with the standard Sci-Fi geek, Cult Film geek, etc.

I gave it a quick read through, and was surprised (ok, so maybe not -that- surprised) at how many of the movies I’d seen. It was easier to count movies I hadn’t seen than movies I had, and out of the movies I hadn’t seen, the majority were already on my ‘I want to see that sometime’ list.

The downside is that now I really, really want to go watch Dark City again.


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